best cardio workout video ever

by monica

This style of cardio workout has been ridiculed by fitness snobs for years but the truth is that it burns plenty of fat and calories and can get you a lean toned body when combined with strength training and total body exercise that build muscle.

I mean seriously look at these people? Are any of them overweight or sporting high levels of bodyfat? Now I realize that this is 100% parody and yesterday when I posted this on facebook I had tears streaming down my face

and my abs got a killer workout from laughing so hard at some of the choreography at the very end to Lil Jon's Turn Down for What BUT not all aerobics workouts are this cheesy or require such ridiculous looking outfits.

Look at Zumba and other popular cardio dvds like Tracy Anderson Cardio Dance, Chalene Johnson Turbo Fire or Zcut Zropes. They all involve jumping around and/or continuous rhythmic movement intended to maintain an elevated heart rate for calorie burning purposes.

So even though that hilarious video is outdated you can still do an aerobics style workout and burn just enough calories and fat that you get lean enough to reveal some curves but not so lean that you end up looking like my teenage son.

The Pump It Up cardio workout video here is actually one of my favorite aerobics routines that I do once in a while to mix things up. It's not HIIT but it's just the right amount of burn I need on days when I'm going for a more moderate workout.

I love instructor Deanne Berry, the Australian dancer and choreographer best known for her sexy appearance in the music video for the single Call On Me by Eric PrydzBorn. She was raised in Sydney, is a former Cheerleader with the Cronulla Sharks rugby league team and has other fitness videos available on Amazon including The Ultimate Dance Workout, Burn it Lose it, and Work it Out.

Now if you have a lot of weight and fat to lose and you're short on time or just don't like this type of training then stick with bodycon metcon workouts instead. They're quick and super effective for getting the fat off and keeping it off for life.

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