best assets burlesque booty workout dvd review

by monica

The title is clever the dancers are real burlesque performers but does this butt workout deliver the toning sculpting and assets it promises? Before you get to the review feel free to watch the assel twirling battle between these two dancers so you can understand my burlesque workout dvd review.

So now that you've seen how amazing these two performers are on a stage let's talk about why Best Assets workout is disappointing and ineffective for booty sculpting or burlesque dancing.

1. The warmup is silly and ineffective. A warmup should increase body temperature and heart rate which this warm up does but it should also prepare you for more complex movement patterns. The warmup in this dvd did a terrible job of preparing the body for deep backbends, updogs, plank pikes, deep squatting, kneeling and reverse getup movement type patterns.

2. The burlesque moves hardly target your booty! There is no doubt that some of the moves work the core legs arms and chest but this is marketed as a booty workout and the butt work consists of a few super easy floor bridges, glute flexing from a kneeling position and hip circles. Seriously, this should have been the warmup not the workout. A more appropriate title would've been burlesque core.

3. The music doesn't match the pace or energy of the exercises, the dance moves or the instructors. Don't get me wrong I love Rockabilly type music but this track which you can hear in preview here wasn't a particularly a good match for this slow routine.

4. The dance moves don't flow as a workout or as a burlesque dance. There are plenty of basic burlesque moves in this dvd such as shimmy, bump and grind but it's all tossed together randomly and feels robotic. You know from classes I've taken with other burlesque performers and the videos I upload that I'm all about stringing movements together so they flow and inspire you to move more sexy. This entire routine felt so choppy and stagnant that I found myself wondering how to restructure it to make it feel more organic and enjoyable.

5. There is zero guidance on how to use your core, arms, butt, legs to do the the movements correctly to avoid injury. Most of the moves in this dvd are not complicated but there are some more advanced plank and backbending moves that would be difficult for most women who don't have a strong grasp on how to use the upper back, core and glutes to stabilize and support the movements. I get that these women are burlesque dancers but if they're going to create a workout dvd they should at least learn the basics of cueing safe movement.

Bottom line is that Best Assets workout dvd is 100% ineffective for getting sexy assets or moving sexy period. Worst of all it could hurt your low back, shoulders, and knees. On the plus side Gal Friday and Peekaboo Pointe are lovely and their costumes are super cute. Would I try this video again. Definitely not. Would I recommend this video? Absolutely not but I would recommend watching these two women doing what they actually do well; burlesque performing.

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