byob workout: beautiful body exercises & tips to get fitter sexier and feel more beautiful

I recently found and shared this inspiration pic on ybff pinterest  then wondered how many of you who visit your best female figure regularly are starting to experience the profound impact that self acceptance has on your mind your body and your soul.  Helping women with self acceptance has always been one of the main goals of this site because it truly does free you 

of the need for approval from others which in turn frees up so much of your energy to become the best person you can be physically, mentally and emotionally.  The fun challenging byob routine is all about embracing your flaws and mistakes and bringing your own beauty to your best body fitness routine

I explained this in more detail below and shared the beautiful body exercises that have been helping me to do that in my classes on stage and in weekly workouts...

bring your own beautiful body exercises & tips

1.  Perform the exercises in the order that feels best for you.  I usually start with the hardest exercises first then move on to less complex moves but on days when I feel stronger and more energized I try an unexpected order of exercises to see how my body responds.

2.  This is a bodyweight workout but feel free to use any fitness gear you like.  You can use dumbbells, bands, balls, ankle weights or sandbells.  It's your body and you know what's best for your body goals, time limitations, fitness level and preferences.  Do what works for you not what works for me :)

3.  No rest between exercises or sets.  This is a continuous movement circuit which means you move the entire time.  If that means you have to slow down to keep up then do that but don't stop moving.  The point is to burn calories, burn fat, build strength and endurance while challenging every inch of your body as much as possible.

4.  Have fun!  Exercise is supposed to be fun so find a way to make all your exercises and circuits enjoyable by playing music you love, including your pet or kids in your workout, wearing whatever the heck you want and laughing and learning from your mistakes.  Enjoy the journey!! & feel free to share your thoughts about any of this on this fb post here

bring your own beautiful body exercises inspiration

So all the beautiful body exercises in this video were inspired by moves from some of my burlesque acts and my cabaret dance fitness classes.  These are moves you would actually see me do on stage if you came to one of our shows or moves that I teach in my cabaret classes.

I never really put too much thought into these moves before other than I like the way they looked on stage and love the way they work  to improve women's bodies.  But since performing in 3 shows many women have come up to me after a show or sent private messages telling  me that this stuff looks and feels really powerful and amazing so I started wondering why...

And then I realized that this movement is very un-restrained and self-expressive which is what most women want to feel like most of the time.  I think you would agree with me that most of us feel like we have to constantly monitor our expressions, body language and movement as well as suppress our true feeling and opinions a lot in our daily lives. 

Moving like this is pure freedom of expression that allows you to be who you really are which is why it feels and  "looks so amazing!" like I've been told.  So I encourage you to just let loose and allow yourself to be moved by your inner beauty; your true beauty that is hidden underneath the mask  you wear in your daily life. 

Let yourself go and express your own beauty through these or any other beautiful body exercises without fear or judgment.  I promise you will get so much more satisfaction and better results when you experience your training as an extension of who you really are vs. just a routine you're doing to get fit.