burlesque dance sexy movement
" bdsm workout"

Since my shoulder injury started acting up and I had to stop filming bodycon metcon videos my motivation to film and create new burlesque dance sexy movement workouts has been pretty low.  It's not easy to feel fierce and sexy when you're doing shoulder rehab every day but after 4 weeks of that and a few days of trying out some killer dance video tutorials my sexy workout motivation came back with a vengeance...

So here's a sneakpeak of my new burlesque dance sexy movement workout plus 2 exercises that you can try right away.   This video would actually make a great super quick workout if you don't have time for the full workout below...  

The full length version of the bdsmovement workout video includes 7 exercises which can be combined any way you like for as many reps and rounds as you like for 20 minutes of intense total body training.  Some tips to help you get the best workout include:

  • Adapt to equipment you have.  If you don't have a water ball or medicine ball then any weight will do.
  • Use as much weight as you like.  The amount you choose should be based on your fitness level, your body shape goals, your body type, etc.
  • If you tend to bulk up top keep the planking reps to a minimum and really focus on using your core and legs to avoid over training the chest.
  • If full range of motion bodyweight moves are too difficult then break the moves down as explained in video.
  • When doing supine bridges whether using a stability ball, a chair, straps or smaller ball to suspend elevate one foot be sure to keep hips high and engage the core!

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As always the dancing at the end of the bdsm workout is totally optional and inspired by sexy dancing tutorials on yotutube and all the amazing burlesque performers I'm exposed to on a regular basis.

quick bdsm workout title disclaimer...

I realize the bdsm workout title sounds risque but really it's just for sexy fun like everything else on this site.   There is no nudity or bondage of any kind in any of my workouts just like there wasn't any type of actual bondage in my Fifty Shades of Grey Earned It burlesque workout.  It's all really just in good fun since bondage stuff is trending right now.