BCFF Password

by Bobbi-Lynn Goudreau
(Leduc County, Alberta Canada)


I purchased the BCFF plan but the links to the workout videos no longer work. I've tried to access the workout videos through this website but the password that is included with the plan is incorrect. Any suggestions?



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sending updated plan
by: monica

Hey Bobbi

Remember a while back when I mentioned that I was consolidating BCFF site and YBFF site into one. All BCFF plan workouts got moved here and the password in the plan got updated as well.

I'll be sending you the updated plan that has all the links and new password in it. I'm using a disposable email to send it to you because it's the only way I can email large files so look for something from @guerillamail. Grab the file as soon as you get it. Everything gets dumped by the server after 24 hours.

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