Ballet Workout Options for A Lean Toned Body

Never before has the ballet workout been as popular as right now but the main reason for this isn’t movies like Black Swan, it’s the focus on multi-directional movement patterns that burn tons of fat, boost endurance, and promote healthy joints, good posture, and high energy levels.  

Ballet fitness fits in perfectly with the current holistic fitness trend that’s all about healthy movement for a fit healthy body. The best part about ballet body workouts is they will help you get a lean toned body much faster because they target a multitude of fitness factors. 

Ballet Workout Types & Options

There are three basic types of ballet workouts including isolation, endurance, and fusion. They all have similar movement patterns but each type has a slightly different focus.

Endurance workouts are similar to an advanced ballet class where you combine more complex movement patterns at a faster pace. These workouts are great for building cardio endurance, for fatloss and muscular endurance and toning.

A great example in this category is Xtend Barre Lean & Chiseled which starts out moderate and then kicks it up about 10 notches for an amazing total body fat burning toning workout.

*Xtend Barre is a fast paced full body workout that burns fat and tones your entire body. I own the dvd and it's one of my favorites.

Another amazing one in this category is Booty Barre with Tracy Mallet. Most of the DVD’s in this category include some light weight upper body toning exercises plus ballet inspired floor work for the abs and glutes. This category provides the most well rounded ballet workout of all three.

Fusion workouts are a combination of ballet and other types of exercise including yoga, boot camp, boxing, Pilates, and other forms of dance.  This type of workout is great for people who like to mix it up or for those looking for a variety of movement patterns in one workout.

Two great examples in this category are AeroSpace Barre, a combination of ballet and boxing or Ballet Body with Leah Sarago.  Fusion ballet is more advanced so may not be the best starting point for exercise beginners or anybody with a weak core, weak shoulders or low back issues.

The only fusion workouts I've tried are Yoga Booty Ballet (so so workout) and Rockin Models (good workout but too long). I also have my own fusion ballet workout featured in best body ever tips article.

Isolation workouts are similar to what you would see in a basic ballet class where you’re learning how to perfect basic movement patterns. These workouts are great for improving core and glute function, for increasing joint mobility and stability as well as improving posture.

They are not intended for burning tons of calories or fat so you'll still have to work in some fat burning cardio.  A great example of this is The New York City Ballet Workout. I’ve tried both the book and the DVD and really enjoyed this moderate paced workout. I felt taller and leaner and more core stability after just two workouts.

The classical music along with the instruction makes you feel like you’re in a real ballet studio.Some reviewers on Amazon find this style boring but I found that it helped me to focus on excellent technique and my energy levels were much higher afterwards too.  Browse all the best Ballet Workouts for a lean toned body below or at the link.

How to Choose The Right Type of Ballet DVD

The most important factors to consider when choosing any workouts are fitness level, goals, and preferences. Be honest about what your body needs at this point. If you prefer a faster paced fusion type workout but your body is in dire need of stability and rehab you might want to start with some isolation ballet then work your way up to endurance then fusion.

If you already do other forms of cardio for fatloss and you want a better core and increased tone then you can stick with isolation and maybe try a little endurance for fun.

If you are very advanced with a strong core and amazing stability and balance and you need a challenge go ahead and try fusion or endurance but don’t be surprised if they feel more challenging than you thought they would.

Ballet is a very dynamic type of exercise that focuses on three dimensional movement patterns that are not as easy as they look especially to athletic types who are very used to one dimensional movement. For better results always keep your body's needs in mind when choosing a ballet dvd or any workout.

How Ballet Dancers Really Get Lean & Toned

Wondering what ballet dancers actually do to stay super lean and fit? They dance 10-12 hours a day and are on a very low calorie diet.  In the video here former NYC ballet dancer Mary Helen Bowers explains the work that went into training Natalie Portman for Black Swan.  Bowers has her own ballet workout Ballet Beautiful and also offers an online ballet workout membership site.