bad news and even scarier news actually its all great news

by monica

So sorry that yet another app that I use to upload ybff video is out of business but that means MORE narrated youtube video is coming your way. Most of it will be public which means no passwords but some will be private so subscribe to the newsletter for access to everything.

The great news is that it won't be too much work because many of the articles that include quick viddy already exist. I really loved viddy and know many of you appreciated the quick videos because who the heck has time for long videos these days but...

I will try my best to keep youtube videos under 8 min. That seems to be the limit of time or attention span that ybff visitors have. If you do prefer the longer videos like some of the 18-20 min. videos available on the sexy workouts or corset training exercises pages then please leave me a comment below and let me know.

And if you do see 404 error images on the site those are viddy videos that no longer work and rest assured I am replacing all of it as soon as humanly possible. O.K. now that the video stuff is out of the way I've got some really scary news:I'm going back to burlesque performing but...

I'm not just going to slink back in I'm going to attempt to break in with 2 audition videos for Burlesque Hall of Fame 2015. If I'm talented and lucky enough to get invited to the competition I'll be competing for best debut.

Videos here are of two of my favorite best debut winners. Koko La Douce won most innovative in 2012 (which falls under best debut category). Her act is amazing!! Lou Lou D'Vil won best debut in 2011 and was crowned Miss Exotic World reigning Queen of Burlesque in 2013

As you can see creating an act involves a monumental amount of hard work and time/money that I have not had since before I got married in 1998 and left the sexy dancing business to raise my son (who is now 14).

So it's been about 15 years since I've performed on a stage or choreographed dance to music and costume but I feel confident that I can do it again plus Justin, my partner of 8 years now fully supports me in everything I do so that helps a lot too : )

I will be sharing some of the process but don't worry this isn't going to turn into a burlesque site. This is still primarily a fitness site with a few other elements of female sexiness thrown in for your enjoyment/benefit.

If you have questions about burlesque performing feel free to ask me. I did it for nearly 10 years back in the 90s and have often thought of going back to it.

Now that I mainly run this site and only train a few clients I have tons of time and so excited -and a bit terrified- to be going back to my true love which is dancing and performing. As the saying goes "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!"

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