awesome 2015 YBFF fitness plans giveaway

by monica

2015 was an amazing year so to celebrate and to herald a phenomenal 2016 I'm giving away 3 ybff fitness plans so you can get a jumpstart on your best body and best life ever in 2016.

Details and links are below. Offer was meant to expire at noon 12/31/15 but since I got behind on reposting this from facebook the offer is good until 5pm 12/31/15 AZ time.

1. Get Bodycon plan free when u get Love Your Booty plan with all the bonuses here:

2. Get Bodycon plan OR Corset Core plan free when you get YBFF plan and all it's bonuses here:

3. Get YBFF plan free when you get Love Your Booty plan *the original edition here:

If you have any questions about what plan you should get please feel free to ask me here in the comments and be sure to include some details about your body type your current health and fitness goals etc.

*For existing customers only: if you purchased a plan from Oct. 31-Dec. 31 2015 and have not received a special freebie as promised in my newsletter just post your email name for me in comments (without the @part) It has to be the email you used to buy the plan. I will send your freebie right away :)

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