The Best & Worst At Home Workout Gear

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on at home workout gear to get an effective fat burning body makeover workout.

All the equipment you need for time efficient home workouts will run you anywhere from $50-$500 depending on what fitness gear you choose.  All the fitness gear pictured here that I've collected over the years adds up to around $500 and you don't even need all of it to burn fat lose weight and get fit.

Below are my lists of at home fitness gear that I would buy again, workout equipment that was totally worth the investment, stuff I would burn in a bonfire if given the opportunity, gear I would NEVER consider buying and gear I'm considering buying.  I even tossed in a few workout plans, workouts and fitness apparel worth mentioning.  

Top 12 Greatest Pieces of At Home Workout Gear I've Ever Purchased & Would Buy Again

*The links below take you to pages with exercises and tips featuring all this great fitness gear.

1.    Balance balls are that piece of fitness gear that hardcore trainers who have zero core stability love to trash talk but is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of gear you can have in your home since it can be used as a bench, core training device, and more.

2.  Exercise straps are so awesome that I got another one to giveaway on my old site months later.  I use it almost every day for posture correction and stretching or strength/core workout routines.  Best investment ever and the best part is there are dozens of new ones on the market now at a fraction of what I paid.

3.    Gliding discs are so versatile that you can use them to train your legs, booty, core, and upper body too.  They can sub for all types of fitness gear and are so cheap and so small you can store them in a drawer or travel bag.   

4.  Gymboss interval timer is a must for your interval workouts.  It boost fat burning and is very affordable plus offers an endless number of options with interval timing so you can vary your workouts as much as you need to for better results.

5.    Hex dumbbells don't crack or break like those plastic adjustable weights and they are comfortable unlike those square/rectangle weights.   I traded in all my old weights for hex db.  My 40 lb adjustable dumbbells were constantly snagging my workouts clothes, were a pain to adjust and the 25 lb metal dumbbells that I hardly used and were denting my tile floor.  Hex are the best and don't chip your tile. 

6.    Beaded or speed jump ropes are so cheap and great for quick cardio intervals during total body fatloss workout, upper body workouts or butt and core workouts.

7.    Mini bands are so great for legs butt and core workouts.  I initially got these for my bootcamp clients then ended up using them constantly then started using them with clients who had become too dependent on machine training for their workouts. 

8.    Mega Medicine ball is a great piece of fitness gear I use all the time.  It's more challenging and durable (than a Ugi ball ) and great for more advanced core workouts that require you to do more than just hold a static boring plank or do a basic squat or lunge with chop.

9.    Rubber medicine balls are so fun.  You  can roll, toss, slam, or swing them.  They come in a variety of sizes and weights with or without handles so you are sure to find one that fits your body and needs perfectly.

10.   Small sand filled balls with handles were sent to me by harbinger and initially I wasn't sure what to do with them but soon realized they're a cross between a db and kb and much more user friendly for women not interested in getting huge and ripped.

11.    Sandbells are 1 piece of gear I use a lot!  I was a little worried when it arrived (flat neoprene bag plus big plastic funnel) but headed out to the park to steal sand from the kids sandbox and have been in love with this piece of gear since.

12. Thera bands or Pilates bands are awesome for rehab and so much more.  Been featuring these in my videos a lot lately.

How an at home workout plan boost female body makeover results...

  • Home gym workouts save money. A good quality cheap home gym can cost as little as $50 while a two year gym membership (startup fee and monthy dues for 24 months) is typically $300-$1500 depending on what type of deal you are able to get.
  • Working out at home saves time. When you train at the gym you have to spend time packing your shower gear, clothes, and post workout meals. Then you have to drive to the gym, park, check in, grab a locker, etc.  You could complete two entire fat blasting workout in that amount of time it takes you to get to the gym and get started.
  • Home workouts get better results. Finding the time and motivation to get to the gym is half the battle but then you add overcrowding, germs, and a meat market vibe and you're motivation diminishes further.  A 3 year study found that gym members attend the gym 4.8 times per month so the gym contract does nothing to boost motivation and lack of attendance means poor results.
  • Other reasons why cheap home gym workouts are better: less intimidation, and embarrassment, listen to the music you love, wear whatever you like, take your home workouts anywhere, no evil health club contracts, extra money for workout plans that work. 

More Great At Home Workout Gear Totally Worth Buying

1.    Flow yoga dvd collection was something I got because I was so tired of the time consuming yoga studios and the poorly educated yoga instructors at these studios so I took a chance on Shiva Rea flow yoga dvds and can honestly say she changed my body and life.

2.    Foam roller is the best tool to correct postural issues so you can burn more fat and get better results from toning/sculpting workouts.

3.    Jute yoga mat & yoga block are essential for yoga or stretching.  A jute mat is also so much nicer than sticky mats.  Need to get another one.

4.    Balance discs are great for targeting all your stabilizers which boosts your lean toned body results.

5.    Lucy jacket that you've seen in many of my videos rocks (even though I'm not a fan of most Lucy clothes)!  It's soft, warm, comfortable and has lasted for years.  I don't think they offer it anymore but I'm sure Champion or Adidas do.

6.    Hula hoop is a fun piece of gear that is great for de-stressing and activating your deep abdominals.   Won't help you lose a ton of weight or fat but is great for low intensity workout days.

7.    KT tape provides great support when you're injured or in pain and is affordable and very easy to use.

8.    Champion leggings better than all my Lucy and Lululemon workout pants, a fraction of the price and I can wear them under my skinny jeans on a cold day.

At Home Workout Gear & Workout Plans You Don't Really Need

1.    20 lb Sandbell was an impulse buy since I loved the 10 lb sandbell so much but can't do much with it other than floor pulls and rows.  Tossing it is a pain in my glutes and not the good type of pain either.  Maybe a great piece of fitness gear for beastly guys and athletes who are way taller than 5'3".

2.    Bender ball was on sale at sporting goods store for $9 so I got it to for some ballet breathing exercises and that was great but was no good for ab exercises.

3.    Lululemon tops and pants - are overpriced, over-rated, and fall apart within months of purchase plus the sales chics at stores are so snobby and who needs that on top of the outrageous prices! 

4.    Miracle balls - is another piece of gear that was sent to me for review that did absolutely nothing even though one of my clients claimed these were the best form of lower back release ever.  I find a foam roller or tennis balls work better. If you want a similar product go with Yamuna rolling balls instead.

5.    Nordictrack elliptical - was a purchase that Justin made while we still lived in an apartment even though I was against it.  Truth is I had worked for Nordictrack a while back and knew that the machine was a cheap piece of plastic.  We used to get tons of complaints on these at the store mainly because they break easily and are very hard to fix.  He used it for a few months then it became my resistance band station.

6.    Tubular Resistance bands are good for total beginners who have zero conditioning but once you are intermediate to advanced you need to use a more versatile and safe weight for your workouts.  Tubular bands have a tendency to slide out from your feet and snap your legs, hands or face plus they are very limiting since most of the better band exercises require that you attach them to a very sturdy object. 

7.    Red carpet ready workout plan was terrible. I could write a 1000 word rant on this plan but suffice it to say that I expected about 1000 times better from a big name celebrity trainer who claims to have invented the gliding disc (actually gliding disc invented them).

8.    Superbands were the biggest waste of my money ever.  I tried using them in various workouts but found them a pain to work with  (none of my clients really liked these either)  Wish I could return these and delete every video that I used these in but oh well sometimes you need to pay to learn.

9.   Trampoline was out at our next door neighbors curb for donation so I asked him if I could have it just so I could try it.  Initially loved it but two days later when my neck felt like it had whiplash not so much. I know many fit people can use it without any problems but I would not recommend this to most clients or family members.. 

10. Weighted jump rope was an impulse buy that I should have returned.  I only used twice mainly because the weight does nothing other than aggravate the wrists.  A non weighted rope is more comfortable and provides a more intense jump rope workout

Top 10 Most Useless Pieces of Exercise Gadgets & Workout Plans I Would Not Waste My Money On 

1.    Ab coasters or ab rollers or any ab gadget are junk because they don't train your abs the way abs are mean to move.  I wrote a rant about this on my other site but come on you already know this stuff is junk.

2.    Heart rate monitors are great for athletes or marathoners but useless for most people exercising at home or outdoors and nowhere near as effective as training at the right exercise intensity for your body and your goal.

3.    Kettlebells are great for people who struggle to get strong because of mobility limitations but kind of useless and so expensive if you have good mobility and just want improved fitness and lean toned body.  We have a full set at our training studio that rarely get used by anybody.

4.    Kickboxing dvds or classes are o.k. but my issue with them is the speed and poor technique that I see in 90% of dvd's and classes.

5.    Pedometers are one of those things I get asked about a lot by clients and they really are a waste of your money.  They do not promote healthy eating behaviors or effective exercise behaviors either.

6.    Pull up bar/dip rack featured on a variety of trendy youtube channels by people who are out to sell you more stuff are pointless and take up so much space.  Get a suspension trainer instead.

7.    Sandbags initially looked like a good piece of gear and were featured a lot on some youtube channels but over the years has proven to be a trend that isn't as fun or practical as sandbells or medicine balls or just plain old dumbbells.

8.    Shake weight isn't really a piece of fitness gear but is actually a joke product created by a guy who thought it would be funny to see women using it.  My sister got one as a joke and it's pretty hilarious but not real fitness gear.

9.    Turbofire is basically turbo jam on speed and probably o.k. for women who have never pushed themselves hard but not that great if you already workout with intensity and same issue as kickboxing (poor technique).

10.  Ugi ball is basically an over-priced super soft medicine type ball that comes with a bunch of quick beginner type workouts for people who have a hard time motivating themselves to exercise.  My issue is you can't use it for super advanced core workouts like alternating medicine ball pushup, lateral roll traveling lunge with chop, etc.

Top 10 At Home Workout Gear I'm Considering Getting (My wish list gear).

  • 3 height box step
  • ankle weights (got these recently and featured them for booty exercises)
  • aerial dance hoop and hoop frame
  • clubbells yoga workout (could be good or maybe just another trend)
  • dance workout shoes (got a pair of Reebok dance shoes and reviewed them)
  • online aerial dance classes
  • pole dance classes & more burlesque classes
  • rowing machine (love the one at our studio, it's water powered)
  • trigger point performance kit
  • weighted vest