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I was 206 lbs and now I am around 176 lbs by doing HITT workouts. My height is 5’4” and most people think I look smaller than I actually weigh. I am losing weight all over and would like to stop losing weight at around 160 lbs because I don’t want my legs to look too skinny and I would like to keep what little fat I have left on my legs and butt (there is visible muscle on my legs as well). However, when I stop losing weight, I will still have a significant amount of weight on my midsection and upper body. Is there a way I can still lose weight from my midsection and upper body and build up my lower body (bigger muscle) to balance it out? This seems like an impossible task because I have the two worst body shapes:(

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Aug 12, 2015
fatloss workout tips for apple inverted triangle body type
by: monica

Thanks so much for posting your question. I am excited that you're asking this while you still have time to adjust your workouts so you can get the result you want.

First before I cover some tips I want you to take a deep breathe and inhale lots of love and exhale all the body dissatisfaction you've absorbed from society. Just like there is no such thing as the ideal or best body type there is no such thing as the worst body type and your body is freakin amazing! Look at what you've accomplished already with HIIT workouts!! With the right guidance you CAN reach any goal you want including a more balanced shape that is more appealing to you so remove any thoughts of anything being impossible. Anything is possible with the right plan :)

Alright so HIIT is fantastic for fat burning but since you only have 16 lb to go what we need to do now is focus on HIIT that targets the lower body more. One of the biggest issues with HIIT is all the planking or pulling pressing type exercises that burn tons of fat and muscle but that also bulk up the core. I don't care how much self-proclaimed fitness bozos claim that bulking isn't possible for women; fact is IT IS. Even has written articles about this for women who are athletic and struggling to build more balanced physiques for figure competitions.

If your HIIT workouts include tons of planking, pulling, pressing, core work etc., you need to find ways to do less of those movement patterns and instead do more lunging, step ups, jumping, squatting, etc. This will keep the upper body bulking to a minimum, still help you burn the last 16 lb of fat AND build up your lower body and legs more.

Another thing you can do is re-assess your caloric needs. As we get smaller we need less calories. I used to eat a lot more when I was 150 lb and shrinking my body back to 120 lb. Once I started reaching my goal weight I had to adjust my calorie intake then again at 42 when I lost another 10 lb after my hip injury I had to adjust again. HIIT and weight loss and muscle mass do not mean you can continue to eat for a 206 lb body. You need to start eating for a 160 lb body like NOW. Look at where you can cut the excess. I had to cut my starchy carb intake to one serving a day and cut from 6 meals to 3 meals an 1 very small snack per day. Smaller women don't need as many meals or calories as the food pushers have led us to believe so you will have to re-learn portion control for your new body. It's a skill that will save you from weight gain in the future too.

Lastly let's talk about what other workouts you're not doing right now that can get you the body you want. You want to keep/build your legs and booty then maybe it's time to cut one day of HIIT and add in one day of butt/leg building. Maybe instead of all the traditional core work you see everywhere it's time to add in some waist minimizing postural core work like the dozens of videos I post here on the site and youtube. Here's my how to slim your waist article to get you started.

Keep in mind that the more fat weight you lose the less HIIT you'll need so start to experiment with replacing certain HIIT routines with other styles of fitness that will help you balance your body shape and remember the more you train a body part with more weight/reps the bigger it gets so take it easy with upper body and core. You still need to do it just not as much as you think.

Aug 13, 2015
weight loss tip
by: monica

I forgot to mention one more very important tip about weight loss which is to never get married to a number on the scale. Having a goal weight is great but you don't know if that is actually going to work for you long term. Many of my clients who thought they only wanted to lose 20 lb or 60 lb ended up losing 40 lb or 70 lb because once they reached their goal weight they realized how much fitter and leaner they were as well as how much further they could go and still look amazing.

When I was losing my post pregnancy weight my goal was simply to get back to down to 122 lb and 22% bodyfat but once there I felt motivated to keep going and got down to 118 lb and 18% bodyfat and felt fit strong lean and amazing. I maintained that for nearly a decade then things changed for me and I lost another 8 lb then 2 more lb which put me at 108 lb which was way too skinny so I gained a few pounds back and now I'm happy maintaining at 110-111 lb which I didn't think would feel or look that great.

So don't get stuck on a number. Instead focus on your measurements how your clothes fit how balanced your body shape looks and most importantly how you feel about how you look. Numbers are all relative. I wrote about that in this how to measure fitness success article.

Sep 20, 2015
Inverted triangle body type using light weights...up to 10lbs
by: Anonymous

Sorry for taking too long to answer and thank you for answering my concerns. You made a comment about not using weights/doing more reps to prevent making muscle bigger on the upper body/core...and I've always read that online. But one thing bothers me...I've always read that inverted triangle body types should avoid all weight training on the upper body to prevent muscle from getting bigger and being more uneven/bigger on top. (I understand that as far as heavy weights but not light weights). And at the same time...I've always read that it is impossible for women to get bigger muscle from using light weights (up to 10lbs). So why can't we use light weights/low reps to tone our upper body only...if they don't make muscle bigger? Your thoughts please!!

Sep 21, 2015
upper body work is still required with all body types
by: Monica

I personally try to ignore what other fitness experts have to say on this because I find their advice is usually wrong.

I personally have never said to not use weight or stop doing upper body all together. In fact all my plans include upper body work for all body types. The secret is in doing the right frequency of upper body/core work. Even I who can easily get a cone shape and bulk up in the core train upper body with trx and 15-20 lb dumbbells or sandbells on a weekly basis. If I didn't do that I would have flabby arms weak shoulders and nasty back fat. If you follow my youtube channel you'll see that I upload plenty of workouts with planks pulls and pressing. I just DON'T OVERDO IT with that stuff.

Here's what I wrote in previous post: "If your HIIT workouts include tons of planking, pulling, pressing, core work etc., you need to FIND WAYS TO DO LESS of those movement patterns and instead do more lunging, step ups, jumping, squatting, etc. This will keep the upper body bulking to a minimum, still help you burn the last 16 lb of fat AND build up your lower body and legs more."

Basically what I'm saying is that more weight more reps more upper body/core work is NOT good if you're a cone BUT!!!!! you should still do at least one day of upper body work with moderate weight moderate reps and with faster tempo so you maintain strength good posture and tone up top without bulking.

All my plans include detailed workout blueprints for each body type so if you need more help figuring out how often to train what areas of your body for a more balanced figure be sure to follow one of these plans. My suggestion for you is your best female figure. That plan is the best for learning how to adjust workouts to YOUR body type issues.

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