Shift your body into fat burning mode with the anti estrogenic diet

The Anti Estrogenic Diet is a unique eating plan created for people struggling with:

  • Stubborn belly fat or stress fat that doesn't respond to exercise or healthy eating
  • Female disorders (PMS, endometriosis,fibrocystic disease, fibroids)
  • Menopausal symptoms (bloating, weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes)
  • Fatigue, poor endurance, lack of strength or diminished ability to resist stress

This simple and healthy eating plan created by Ori Hofmekler works as a type of detox diet that shifts your body from fat storing mode into fat burning machine.  It addresses 3 of today's biggest obstacles that block female fat loss and fitness results and can work for you if you're willing to ditch outmoded diet trends and eating advice.

3 causes of stubborn fat & how the anti estrogenic diet burns stubborn fat

Stubborn Fat Obstacle #1 Endocrine Destructive Chemicals that disrupt the body's ability to regulate it's own weight and that are found in our food, water, and every day products.

These chemicals accumulate over time in our fat cells as well as the fat cells of the animal foods we eat.  They then mimic the female hormone estrogen and when consumed in excess wreak havoc on the body promoting fat gain but worst of all making it virtually impossible to burn fat, specifically stubborn belly fat. 

The Anti Estrogenic Diet addresses this by reducing foods containing hormones, pesticides, chemical additives, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and fructose.  It also reverses this damage with foods and supplements that contain nutrients that help your body eliminate these toxins from your fat cells.

Stubborn Fat Obstacle #2  Wrong Meal Timing that works against the fact that humans are natural nocturnal eaters.  According to Hofmekler "our body is biologically pre-programmed to work around the circadian clock (i.e. active during the day and relaxing at night). Our inner clock is controlled by two antagonistic autonomic nervous system; the SNS, with its highly alert "fight or flight" state, responsible for action and reaction to stress during the day, and the PSNS, responsible for relaxation, digestion and sleep during the night. 

Our body digests and utilizes nutrients better at night while at rest, than during the highly stressful hours of the day. Furthermore, night is the time when growth hormone (GH) reaches a peak level. GH is known to be a potent muscle and bone builder and a fat burner. Late meals, if applied correctly could be most anabolic". 

The Anti Estrogenic Diet addresses this with  undereating during the day and adequate calorie intake  in the evening.  Meaning you eat very small quantities of anti-estrogenic foods during the day then eat your main meal at night when your body uses those calories more efficiently for muscle building as well as fat burning.  

Stubborn Fat Obstacle #3  Wrong Foods that cause weight gain even when eating healthy food and exercising consistently.  In his book Hofmekler explains that "there is a substantial amount of evidence to the fact that humans primarily adapted to strive while rotating between different seasonal foods and thus different ratios of macronutrients. Furthermore, due to primal necessity to survive on different accessible food sources (i.e. vegetarian or animal food) humans were forces to cycle their diet and adapt to different ratios of protein/fat/carbs."  So contrary to what you hear from all the latest fad diets including low carb no carb paleo vegetarian or vegan there is no such thing as a "one ratio that fits all" eating plan. 

The Anti Estrogenic Diet addresses this by focusing on foods that support your natural feeding cycle including; raw fruits, raw veggies, and minimal amounts of protein during the day or  under-eating phase and all food groups in the right amount during the normal eating window in the evening.

The 4 phases of anti estrogenic eating & a typical day on this diet

There are 4 basic phases of eating on the anti estrogenic diet and the purpose is to balance your hormones and shift your body back into fat burning mode.  Each phase is one week long and completely different.

  • Phase 1: Liver Detox (high carbs, organic dairy or fish proteins only)
  • Phase 2: Anti Estrogenic (high fat, no carbs, dairy fish and a few other organic proteins)
  • Phase 3: Reintroduction of Foods (similar to phase 1 and 2 but more carb options)
  • Phase 4: Fine Tuning (finding your ideal fuel mix)

 A Typical Day on Phase 1 of The Anti Estrogenic Diet is:

  • breakfast - water, probiotic, grapefruit 
  • snack - organic yogurt or kefir with berries or organic warrior whey protein drink
  • lunch - organic raw veggies and greens salad w/olive oil and lemon, poached organic egg or organic cottage cheese, whole foods multi-vitamin,  esterol and other hormone balancing supplements
  • snack - organic apple or fresh squeezed organic veggie juice or raw veggies 
  • dinner - organic greens salad, steamed organic veggies, avocado, 1 cup black beans and rice, 4 oz wild caught fish or poached organic eggs

My personal experience with anti estrogenic eating

The main reason I tried the anti estrogenic diet is I was suffering from stage 1 adrenal fatigue brought on by severe stress.  What I mean by severe stress is that I was going through a divorce and working 3 jobs to support me and my son and I was also over training and low carbing on top of that just to maintain a lower body fat so I could compete for clients with some of the more athletic trainers in the facilities where I worked.  

I was suffering from insomnia, chronic fatigue, poor recovery and had started gaining stubborn belly fat which was incredibly frustrating considering how hard I was working, training, and depleting carbs and calories.

When I consulted a doctor about my fatigue and insomnia he told me that what I needed was to slow down and get more rest or risk getting a more serious adrenal issue.  I wasn't about to allow that to happen and it was around this time that I ran across Ori Hofmekler's Anti Estrogenic Diet and Stubborn Fat Solution Supplement Kit which included:  warrior whey, probiotic blend,  whole foods multi-vitamin,  esterol and other hormone balancing supplements.    

As difficult as it was for me at the time I took 10 days off from work and took an entire month off from hardcore training.  I followed the AE plan exactly the way it's outlined in the book.  The price of the kit when I bought it was $160 and is now over $200 but you can find similar supplements on Amazon for much less.

So instead of lifting super heavy weight and doing HIIT cardio 4-5x per week while restricting carbs and calories I started going for easy walks and doing yoga almost daily.   I also cut way back on meats and started eating organic foods for the first time in my life.  This along with all the supplements restored both my energy and my health quickly.  I actually started feeling so good after 5 days that I extended week 1 to 10 days.

Once I transitioned into week 4 I started shifting into a more plant based higher carb lower protein diet that my body had always thrived on in my 20s.  This change along with some other balanced workout changes I made with Paul Chek's vitality plan from How to Eat Move & Be Healthy improved my health and my body in ways I never expected.  It also changed by training style forever!  Now I don't just drain my body I train it and nourish it properly.   If you need to do the same the anti-estrogenic diet can help you do that.