AMIA butt lifting jeans review

amia butt lift jeans review

amia butt lift jeans review

amia butt lift jeans review amia lift and sculpt jeans in midnight wash amia butt lifting jeans come in 3 washes

Finally a pair of butt lifting jeans that comes in American sizes! Here's my unbiased review with pics plus a sneakpeek of the butt lifting jeans giveaway coming in Feb.

O.K. so as you know from my previous butt lift jeans review the Brazilian sizing was a huge issue and is what has kept me from buying another pair but thankfully Hourglass Angel finally has American sized butt lifting jeans and in really nice washes too so here's my unbiased review of a pair of size 3 AMIA Midnight Lift & Sculpt jeans provided for review by Hourglass Angel.

Color Options: This has to be by far one of my favorite things about the pants because I love dark rinses but it's so hard to find jeans that flatter medium sized butts in darker colors. The wash I chose was midnight and it almost looks black but is really a very very dark blue. It's perfect for daily wear AND for dressing up with heels to go out. The only thing that worries my about this wash is that it will fade fast. I won't know until I've washed them a few times but hopefully they won't fade too much because the color is amazing!

Pocket Design: Not sure if you've noticed but most of the Columbian & Brazilian butt lifting jeans either have no pockets (where do I put my phone) or they have seriously ugly pocket designs that are a relic of the tacky 90s rhinestone jean culture (gross). I prefer my jeans with pockets that are plain and simple and these are perfect!

Butt Lift: Yes these create a really nice apple bottom shape on my not so huge assets so if your butt is slightly wider and bigger you will get even better butt lift with these. My butt which is already as round as it will ever be looks exactly the way it looks in purple body stocking pic above which is not the case with many other jeans I own. I'm really jealous of you ladies with bigger assets. You will love how good these jeans make your booty look!

Waist Fit: As always this is an area that is a huge issue for me. The waist either majorly gaps at the back or cuts into my sides but these jeans have a stretchy fabric that actually conforms to my waist right below the belly button. It's snug but comfortable so no gapping and no digging or muffin top when I set either. Also the waistband has belt loops which is nice if you want to dress them up or ties a scarf through them.

Leg Fit: Unlike most skinny jeans out there these actually are wide enough at the opening to allow your foot to go through without risk of ankle dislocation. I actually have a pair of skinnies from Target that Justin literally has to rip off me because I can't get my foot back out. Annoying! so having a skinny jean that stretches enough to let your leg and also doesn't pool around your ankle too much like other brands is really nice.

Thigh Fit: This is the 1 thing about the jeans I don't love. The upper thigh fit specifically around the back right under the butt is not good. It creases BUT to be fair this is an issue I personally have with most jean brands because I have smaller thighs and medium tight booty so if you have a fuller butt and more substantial thighs these might be a total non-issue for you. It still won't keep me from wearing these pants though! I like them even more than the previous pair I reviewed.

Length Fit: They are a bit too long for a short person like me but I like to roll my jeans a bit so this isn't a big deal. I have a feeling they will shrink a bit when I wash them which might make them fit better overall since the size 1 were a perfect fit everywhere but the waist.

Overall I give these a 4 out of 5. For a really dark wash these do an amazing job of making your booty stand out which is not common among dark rinses especially for medium size fit athletic butts like mine. They also come in twilight and new dawn washes which are much lighter.

You can get the AMIA butt lift jeans from Hourglass Angel at this link and I do earn a very small commission if you buy thru this link which just goes back into maintaining this site for you guys. If you prefer the lighter wash of the Brazilian butt litfting jeans I reviewed previously I will be giving away that exact pair on Feb. 1. Giveaway page for that is coming next week :)

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