How to Moderate Alcohol Calories for A Lean Toned Body

Are alcohol calories slowing down your weightloss, fatloss and toning results? Alcohol calories can stall your body makeover or weight loss transformation for 3 main reasons especially if you’re the type of person who indulges in a couple of “harmless” glasses of wine or a couple of beers several times per week.

Just 4-5 glasses of wine per week adds nearly 600 calories to your weekly calorie intake and 3-4 light beers on weekends can add a minimum of 220 calories to your weekly calorie total.

In addition to the extra calories, alcohol wreaks havoc on your hormonal balance and this is the primary reason why alcohol can be bad but don't worry there's a few solutions if you still want to indulge and get results from your body makeover plan.

Issue #1: Alcohol Calories Displace Healthy Calories

One of the primary issues with alcohol calories is that they are empty calories so even if you are sticking to an ideal calorie intake for weightloss or fatloss the alcohol calories are displacing calories that you could be getting from foods that contain vitamins and minerals your body needs for fat burning and toning.

Solution: If you’re just starting a workout plan or struggling with stubborn fat the best thing you can do is abstain from drinking any alcohol for at least 4-6 weeks. Replace those alcohol calories with healthy foods that boost fatloss and fitness results. It’s a minor sacrifice that will get you results much faster. You can add alcohol back to your diet in moderation after you make considerable progress with your workout plan. Consider it a reward and work hard to earn it back into your diet.

Issue #2: Alcohol Calories Wreak Havoc on Fatloss Hormones

Weightloss and fatloss is only possible when your body is producing the right types of hormones that signal your body to used stored fat as fuel. The problem with alcohol is that after you consume just one drink your body produces stress hormones like cortisol that causes your body to store fat. It also slashes testosterone levels for 24 hours. Testosterone helps your body maintain lean muscle and burn fat. “Drinking alcohol creates an estrogenic environment which promotes water retention, weight gain, bloating, and anxiety all while blocking fatloss” explain various fatloss experts.

Solution: If you’re on a weightloss plateau or your losing the fat too slowly then it’s best to cut way down on your alcohol intake.  

Having 1-2 drinks every 5-10 days seems to work best for most women. Drink it slowly and focus on catching up with friends or family. If you use alcohol for stress relief try drinking iced herbal tea in a wine glass instead.

Check out Celestial Seasonings for some great flavors. We visited the factory a few summers ago and the aromas were so soothing which is what most women are usually trying to get from alcohol.  My favorite stress relief drink is Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea.  Tastes great and works better than alcohol without all the added calories or hormonal damage.

Issue #3: Alcohol Destroys Your Will Power & Stimulates Appetite

Researchers in Denmark's found that when a group of subjects were given a meal and allowed to eat as much as they wanted, they ate more when the meal was served with beer or wine vs. a soft drink.

Other studies have also found that alcohol stimulates your appetite especially your appetite for carbs. It also loosens inhibitions and kills your willpower which makes it tougher to say no to seconds, sweets, and other high calorie foods.

Solution: If you must drink at a social function or because it’s something you’re not willing to give up entirely while trying to lose weight then limit yourself to just one drink every 3 days. Why 3 days? Because it takes your body 48 hours to metabolize alcohol so taking 2 days off between cocktails allows your body to burn stored fat several times a week.  Got pms stress?  Try Dr. Pam Peeke's healthy PMS cocktail.

You should also drink a big glass of water before and after you indulge in alcohol. As holistic health expert Paul Chek likes to say “the best solution for pollution is dilution”. Water will help your body flush out the alcohol faster and also helps you feel full so you may not feel as tempted to binge on foods that won’t help you lose fat.