acrylic bones vs steel bones corsets comparison and outfit ideas

by monica

Why would you buy a cheap acrylic bones corset when you can spend a little more for a steel bones corset? A few how it compares to flexi-boning cinchers from previous reviews.

So I recently got the purple nightflower overbust corset from hourglass angel for just $29. **Over at the same exact corset sells for $39 except it's called the purple gothic corset.

Either way it's a bargain compared to a similar steel boned corset for $150 at Timeless Trends *where I got my iridescent corset featured in my corset training article here.

So why would buy a cheap corset instead of spending a bit more on a quality one? 5 main reasons:

1. When you want to compare a really cheap corset to a high quality one. Sometimes cheap corsets look as nice online as the more pricey ones and I was very curious to compare side by side. The difference is astounding. Cheap corset not even in the same league but still look nice once you have it on as you can see in pics here.

2. Need it for a special occasion but didn't see myself wearing it more than a few times so was willing to sacrifice quality for price just so I could have a corset in that color for a few special outfits I have planned.

3 Easy to get on and no breaking-in (seasoning) is required. You can just put the corset on and cinch it as tight as you want without worrying about damaging the steel bones or your ribs or your self esteem ha ha ha. The acrylic bones bend but don't break unless you order a size too small then try to force it closed. Just order your real size not the size you wish you were and you'll be fine : )

4. Uncomplicated sizing and no mathematical shenanigans. You're either a xs small medium large or xl and that's it. There's no subtracting your desired waist reduction from your current waist size or figuring hip spring and boob to waist to high hip ratios. Trust me when i say this is so aggravating and frustrating when buying a steel boned corset. It's what has prevented me from buying another steel boned corset even though I really really want another one.

5. Washing in sink with delicates detergent won't damage cheap corset and will probably soften it a bit. It's polyester and spandex so how much damage could a sink wash do right. This is an absolute no no with quality corsets. Washing can ruin the material the bones the busk etc. If your quality corset gets dirty you'll need to spot clean it.

So there you have 5 good reasons to choose an inexpensive corset over a quality one plus pics of how I would wear it for a super sexy burlesque dance workout or for a sexy date night. How do you wear your corset as outerwear? Would you buy a cheap corset or only buy quality ones? Feel free to share in comments below...

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Feb 26, 2015
waist cincher comparison
by: monica

Completely forgot to mention how these acrylic bones compare to flexi-boning in waist cinchers. Those are also acrylic but the main difference is they're surrounded by power latex which means you can really squeeze yourself into a waist cincher without fear of breaking the acrylic bones.

The waist cincher also gives a nice reduction while the cheap corset provide minimal reduction and a natural silhouette so if you're looking for major curves a cincher is going to be a better option.

Nov 05, 2015
Nice post!
by: Edward

Great post.

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