sexy abs exercises for women & the top 3 ab workout mistakes to avoid

There are 3 common ab workout mistakes that most women (including myself) make that prevent you from getting flat toned abs and a slimmer sexier waist.  They are not the 3 mistakes you've been hearing about for years including 1.  doing too much core work 2.  thousands of reps of boring crunches 3.  eating an unhealthy diet.  Those are the obvious mistakes that anybody with access to youtube learned over a decade ago from top ab training experts.  

The best abs exercises for women are actually the 3 sexy ab workout mistake fixes below...

The 3 mistakes to avoid are actually a lot more subtle and even I still make them from time to time which is why I decided to share them so you can avoid them and get your sexy abs and cinched waist faster and forever! 

Ab workout mistakes #1:  Neglecting back training

Would you train the front of your arms but not the back of your arms?  Would you train your legs and not your butt?  Of course not yet many women focus strictly on the abs/waist  without much focus on the back muscles.  

The problem with over training the front and neglecting the back is that you create a C shaped spine instead of an S shaped spine which distorts your posture and weakens your low back.    This imbalance also contributes to poochy abs and a bulky waist.  It will also most likely lead to painful training injuries during workouts at some point... 

The abs exercises for women in video and listed below are key for flat abs & cinched waist...

If you want sexy abs and waist plus an injury proof back you must regularly include back exercises in your workout routine that support your ab core training.   A few great ones that I've featured in workout plans and videos include:  stability ball back extension, suspension trainer T and W drills, tabletops, resistance band flys, band pulls, good mornings or Pilates swan dives just to name a few.  

There are many others but don't worry you don't need to go berzerk with back training.  Just 1-2 circuits per week like the one in hourglass waist plan or a few back exercises during a few of your weekly circuits is all you need.

Ab workout mistakes #2:  ripped abs chic routines

Are you still doing those crazy ab or waist exercises and workouts that ripped abs trainers do even though they're not the best way to slim your waist and flatten your abs?  I've written detailed articles about how you must avoid oblique isolation exercises, static isolation planks, most crunch style workouts and basically anything labeled ripped abs or by fitness pros with ripped abs.  Why you ask?  Because all those workouts are intended for adding bulky muscle to your core.  

Avoiding these routines is especially important for cone/ruler body types because these two body types tend to bulk in the core easily.  I realize this is hard to avoid when they are the most popular workouts by the most popular female gurus on YouTube or in magazines.  Trust me I had to break bad training habits too BUT here's the question you need to ask yourself...      

Why train for a body goal you don't want?  It's like going to med school to be an attorney.  It's NOT going to work for you ever.  What does work better than ripped abs training:

  • biocompatible eating and condensed window eating
  • right frequency of metabolic training for your body type
  • minimal amounts of corset core ab exercises 
  • functional exercises that shrinks your waist from the inside out like in video here

If you need a detailed plan that shows you all the best abs exercises for women including ones in this article get started with Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan now.

Ab workout mistakes #3: skipping core stretches  

Yes you're correct; I write and post about stretching too much but it's only because after 13 years of training dozens of women I know from first-hand experience how important stretching is for getting your best female figure.  I was also told this secret by one of the leading sports conditioning experts when I interviewed him years ago.  

According to that expert stretching may be the most important component of your routine whether you're a competitive athlete or middle aged woman trying to get her best body.  Sounds crazy but if you think about how exercise works on a physiological level, your body gets results when it's recovering. 

That's when all the sexy body magic really happens and stretching facilitates recovery by lowering stress hormones and by keeping your muscles balanced and healthy so you can keep training consistently.  Some great core stretches to include post workout or on recovery days are:

yoga backbends such as camel, wild thing and wheel poses.  Other great ones are updog or cobra poses.  Lateral yoga stretches like triangle or gate poses are also really important for improving posture, flattening the abs and cinching your waist. 

I post tons of stretching pics at ybff instagram and fb if you need visuals BUT if you only have time for one stretch then King Arthur pose with hands overhead is excellent! 

The simple King Arthur stretch is one of the best sexy abs exercises for women EVER!

What if you're only doing the best abs exercises for women and still struggling to get flat abs and a sexy waist?  The usual culprits are: 1.  Liquid calorie blunders 2.  No calorie deficit 3.  Wrong eating style but this article is already long enough so I'll cover those in another post very soon.