9 ways my dog inspires me to be healthy and workout better

by monica

this lean mean running machine also enjoys stretching eating kale and rope exercises

this lean mean running machine also enjoys stretching eating kale and rope exercises

this lean mean running machine also enjoys stretching eating kale and rope exercises is my dog weird?  he loves kale and would drink smoothies if I let him. loves playing tug of war every time i use this rope.  also loves attacking my mini bands when i'm using them. sprinting in the backythen sunbathing and catching lizards birds and insects are his favorite activities.

If you watch ybff youtube videos then chances are you've seen my little rescue dog supervising filming. Since today is International Dog Day I thought I would share 9 important health & fitness lessons that my dog reinforces for me on a weekly basis:

1. Every day is a great day to get your heart rate going even if it's just for 10 min.

2. Getting your daily dose of sunlight helps you sleep better which keeps your metabolism going.

3. Portion control is key to staying lean and toned. It also keeps you feeling light and energized on a daily basis.

4. Jumping up and down for no reason is fun and moving around for fun is just as important as moving to burn calories.

5. If there's junk available you'll eat it and feel gross so may as well not have it around in the first place.

6. Focus on your daily goals and dreams and don't worry about what everybody else is doing.

7. If you can't have what you want this moment then be patient and you'll eventually get it if you keep trying.

8. Sitting outdoors and just observing nature is way more satisfying and stress relieving than watching t.v. or being on the internet.

9. Rest is just as important as exercise so listen to your body and take a day or two off from activity if that's what you need.

Here is one of my favorite videos that he insisted on being in. I used to be afraid of accidentally bumping him with a weight or kicking him but don't think it's possible because he's really fast when it comes to getting out of the way. He's also super supportive when the foam roller is hurting me!

It's been almost a year since this little guy found us and became part of our family and I've learned a lot about taking care of myself and doing my best. I had 3 dogs back when I lived in Texas many years ago but they weren't as intelligent and positive as this little guy.

Do you have a dog or pet that motivates you to stay healthy and fit? Post a comment about your pet here or on ybff instagram on one of my pet posts.

I love pets and follow a few pet feeds on instagram but do try to keep my pet posting to a minimum since my feed is fitness & health and body related.

By the way if you've noticed a big glass tank in some of my videos that is not a snake in there like many people think. It is a gerbil habitat but that gerbil is unfortunately no longer around.

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