.7 waist to hip ratio hourglass body tip and 50's pinup girl compliment

by monica

Vargas Pin Up Girl

Vargas Pin Up Girl

Vargas Pin Up Girl Paris Crazy Horse Dancers Vegas Crazy Girls

A younger woman made my day when she told me that I had a 50s pin up girl body! Not only is this one of the best compliments I've ever received but basically this has been one of my fitness goals for the past couple of years now (among other goals that have to do with hiking, aerial dance, and advanced yoga poses).

If you've watched my videos on youtube you may have heard me mention that all I've wanted forever now is to get my crazy horse dancer body back and that I was training all wrong for that for so long but now that I'm training right for my body I am so much closer to that goal (even closer than when I was dancing for a living!). So for somebody else who had no idea this was my goal to tell me that I've reached it feels pretty amazing!!

"Perfect hourglass body" tip: You don't need to get an hourglass figure or get a .7 waist to hip ratio or have perfect body fat to get your best female figure and to get a body that makes you happy and gets you all kinds of nice compliments too.

If you've seen my before and after pics or other pics of my measurements then you already know that I don't even come close to having what is considered a "perfect body" by today's fitness standards nor do I have what is considered a "perfect hourglass figure" even though I do have a .7 waist to hip ratio as of this year.

The reality is that numbers don't really matter that much and neither do other people's beauty ideals. What matters most when it comes to sculpting YOUR best body ever is training and eating smarter and doing what is right for your body vs. imitating what most fitness chics do in the hopes of achieving some random number on a scale, tape measure, bodyfat monitor or other female body measurement chart.

Exercising right for your body type and your goals is what will get you a body you love and if you have no idea how to customize your workouts to your body type then be sure to check out my workouts plans to learn how. I promise you will not be disappointed especially when other women start asking you what you're doing to look so tight, toned and sexy.

It only makes sense to customize things to your unique needs and desires. Isn't that what we do with everything else in life (career, partner, hobbies, clothes, house, car, etc.). It's silly not to do that especially if what you've been doing for a long time has not been working for you. The results you get when you finally start tuning out the noise and tuning in to what your body needs will amaze you AND those around you too : )

To me the ideal body is the crazy horse dancer body or the showgirl body. Ripped abs and the athletic look just doesn't do it for me. I find looking like a real woman a lot more empowering than trying to look like a mini-man.

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