5 steps to looking sexy fast

by monica

Sorry but I'm not sorry for this ranty 5 step plan for a question I get asked ALOT! practically every week by people desperate to look good fast: The advice I give is simple and involves 5 steps (listed below, some in ALL CAPS for effect) BUT most women still can't even do these 5 simple steps. Why?

Because they have no clue why they really want those results. Do you? Are you aware of your true underlying motives for wanting a sexy body? If you are then these 5 tips will work and shock you with how effective they are. If you are not aware then you'll just say o.k. keep doing what you're doing and stay unhappy with your body.

step 1: Lose the wheat products (Pita, crumpets, muffins, tortillas, and taco shells, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, biscuits, crackers, croutons, packet snacks, rusks, waffles, pancakes, crepes, pizzas, pretzels, breadsticks, wafers, pasta and pastry, etc etc.) I GET THAT THIS IS HARD! I LOVE BREAD SOOO MUCH, LIKE SERIOUSLY LOVE IT! But when you want your best body goal bad enough you'll do this and see your abs debloat completely in 4 days!

step 2: Lose the alcohol. Stop lying to yourself that those couple of glasses of wine per week aren't doing damage. They are flooding your body with cortisol which blocks fatloss, creating inflammation which makes recovering from workouts difficult AND worst of all blocking testosterone production which prevents booty muscle building. Be an adult and ban the booze for 2-3 weeks.

step 3: Start working out 2x a day. Just quick 20 min. workouts (as shown in pic) followed immediately by 20-40 min. of stretching to eliminate workout stress hormones and boost recovery. You can't find 40 min. a day for fitness but you're on fb all day or sitting your butt half the evening watching stupid tv shows then you are not serious about your goal end of story.

step 4: Give up the Ds! dairy, drama, and dumb expectations. Need to debloat even faster? Losing the dairy will help you do that. OMG I KNOW IT'S HARD but it's not forever. Also the drama about your life. It's all self created anyway. You want this sexy body badly enough you'll stop with the dramatic my life is so hard excuse making. Finally the dumb expectations that you're going to look like some poster girl for a Nike ad or like those plastic bimbos on youtube. Be real about what you can achieve after having abused your body for so long and you'll start getting real results and even better ones than you expected.

step 5: Hydrate any way you can. Drink lots of water, make your smoothies with chia water (which is super hydrating and filling and detoxing), take hot baths with epsom salts to boost detoxing, use water as your workout (as shown in pic) Water filled weights or swimming laps fast are amazing for fatloss. Move like water with some flow yoga. Water water water is key to looking like a goddess!

That's it. Give that a go for the next 10 days and see the amazing results for yourself. This is what I do before a show every month and always look and feel amazing on stage.

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