5 simple tips to get a bigger booty and a better life

by monica

Getting a better life and a bigger booty may seem like completely unrelated things but getting both happen to have 5 very simple things in common:

1. Believe in yourself and in your vision. No matter what you want in life or for your body there will always be doubts and people around you telling you to stop dreaming, stop wanting so much, stop being crazy. But the truth is it's the crazy people who dream of much more that make our world an amazing place to live in. As this powerful quote states: "We are not here to make believe. We are here to believe we can make it!". Believe it and it will happen.

2. Do the hard & heavy work. It's not easy to lift heavier weight than you are used to or develop a marketing plan for your business that allows you to have the perfect work schedule that I was talking about in the video here BUT you need to be willing to do the hard & heavy work to improve your body and your life.

3. Delve deeper and deeper! Like I explained in the video going much deeper with your exercises is a must if you want to recruit and build more booty muscle. Also going deeper within yourself to uncover your underlying motivations is key to unlocking a better body and life. When you know why you want what you want all obstacles begin to disappear.

4. Take it slow. Going slower with your exercises like I showed in the video is important for building more booty muscle and it's also a great way to practice slowing down with your better life goals. You can't change your body or life overnight but you can do it slowly one day at a time. Not many people are an overnight success at anything but slow and steady seems to work for 99% of people who succeed at life, body transformations, or other goals.

5. Go for quality. As I showed in my video what goes into your body is basically what is going to show up on the outside so if you want a better butt you need to go for quality protein and quality carbs most of the time. This 80/20 principle is also very important in life. What goes in is what will come out so what are you putting into your brain? What books are you reading? what experts are you listening too? what messages are you allowing your brain to focus on? The more quality info you put in the better quality life you get!

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