3 way bunny halloween costume sinister sporty or risque

by monica

This 3 way bunny halloween costume is way more clever more playful and more racy than your average playboy bunny getup. The inspiration behind it will creep you out AND make you smile too!

Wasn't sure about this year's Halloween blog until I saw the bondage bunny mask on an instagram feed. As you can imagine from some of the stuff I post on my social feeds my mind instantly went to weird places like Donnie Darko's rabbit and David Lynch's bizarre film Rabbits.

The black rabbit mask also reminded me of a children's book series called Bunnicula about a vampire bunny that sucks the juice out of vegetables. My youngest brother used to read it with me when he was 8 and I was 17. He loved the story and it helped him overcome a learning disability.

Remembering that story made me laugh, then realize how befitting a costume that would be for somebody like me who is always blogging about green smoothies and the benefits of veggies.

So I decided to order the bunny mask, cropped leather gloves, corset shorts and thigh highs from Yandy lingerie and offer 3 very different costume options for a variety of settings.

option 1: The sinister bunnicula who goes around sucking juice out of veggies. All you need is bunny mask and cropped leather gloves (click links to get them from yandy lingerie), black pants, a white blouse, some kind of black vest or jacket, killer leather boots. If you really want to go all out add a black cape and a vampire necklace of some kind.

option 2: The sporty bunnicula who goes around trying to convince people to drink more veggie juice and get more exercise. All you need is bunny mask, some type of jogging pants (mine are the faux leather joggers from previous posts) a workout top (mine is cuddleduds activewear) some black running shoes, workout gloves and a bottle of carrot juice or an orange weight (mine is a 6 lb sandball)

option 3: The risque bondage bunny that you can do in the bedroom or at a sexy adult party where you know you won't be the only one wearing this type of racy outfit. All you need is bunny mask, leather gloves, pair of high waist corset shorts, black or nude bra or corset top, back seam thigh highs or tights, and sexy high heels.

Any of these 3 bunny costume options will stand out more than those cliche playboy bunny costumes plus you have a cool book or 2 creepy film characters to go with your costume if anybody asks. I'll be posting the last version of this on instagram Halloween night : ) By the way if you've never watched David Lynch's rabbits film it will disturb you on several levels!

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Oct 01, 2014
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