3 things you need to go from knowing the path to walking the path

by Monica

With the barrage of motivational and education information available these days there is no doubt that most people know the path to health fitness and positive body image so why do so few walk the path? Lately I've encountered a lot of women who say they want to lose weight who say they want to get fit who say they want to feel better about their bodies who say they are willing to do all the healthy things they already know how to do plus a few new things I'm willing to teach them so WHY DO THEY FAIL?

time and time again to go from knowing the path and talking about it incessantly to actually walking the path and doing what they say they'll do which is get a better body.

The answer to this question lies in these 3 factors:
1. Wrong Intent
2. No Accountability
3. Indefinite Deadline

So if your intention to get fit doesn't match your lifestyle, your personality, your deep underlying motivations then your intention is wrong! Plain and simple it's just not who you are so FIRST YOU MUST SET A MEANINGFUL INTENTION. The link here takes you to an older blog post that explains how easy this is.

Now maybe you have the right intention and on top of that you also have a strong motivation which most of us do but are fooled into believing we don't' because of wrong intention then you MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOURSELF and yourself only.

Like I've mentioned in previous articles NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR BODY GOALS like you do so nobody is going to push you to train harder or more consistently or stop you from having many wines and desserts every night etc. If you could afford a $60 an hour trainer like me you would still need to be accountable to yourself.

I've found that a fitness journal is the best form of accountability even better than apps or wristbands because writing is very revealing. LEARN ACCOUNTABILITY THRU JOURNALING HERE. It's easier than you imagine and it works!

Finally you need a deadline; actually 3 deadlines. This makes you even more accountable and also forces you to question your intent from time to time which is a good way to keep improving your goal setting so you get healthier fitter and feel better faster. A short term deadline is good to boost motivation, a moderate length deadline helps you get past the impatience plateau and a long term deadline is your end goal. It's the realistic time frame of what you want for your body. LEARN TO SET A DEADLINE HERE.

None of this is complicated and once you have these 3 factors in place your body transformation will pick up speed and you'll probably reach your deadlines even healthier fitter and sexier than you expected which is always the best part of all your hard work. Got questions ask me below...

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