3 secret body benefits of flow yoga practice

by monica

This flow yoga practice is simple but not easy. Details end of article...click pics to enlarge

This flow yoga practice is simple but not easy. Details end of article...click pics to enlarge

This flow yoga practice is simple but not easy. Details end of article...click pics to enlarge

The 3 secret benefits of maintaining a consistent flow yoga practice that will transform your body and life! Best thing about this is you get to decide what, when, where, and how to practice.

Benefit #1: Sense of adventure vs perfection mindset
One of the essential components of getting fit for life vs fit for just a few weeks is doing away with this idea that you and everything must be perfect in order to get and maintain your best body results. A consistent yoga practice teaches the complete opposite of perfectionism which is to embrace imperfection and see where that takes you. Not only does this eliminate a ton of stress from your body improvement efforts it also develops your ability to train more creatively more intuitively more dynamically which are all factors essential for looking and feeling your best.

Benefit #2: Non critical thinking vs constant self judgement. A consistent yoga practice teaches you to release the heaviness of judging your thoughts, judging your body, judging your efforts, judging your surroundings and the people in them. It teaches you to accept yourself where you are which removes the burden of feeling that you are less than what you desire to be and the minute you stop judging is the minute you become free to transform into your best self.

Benefit #3: Journey focused vs destination bound. Flow yoga on teaches you to pay close attention to what the journey is teaching you en route to mastering those crazy advanced poses which is what allows you to reach your goal then keep improving after that instead of back tracking. It is the complete opposite of most regular exercise routines that are heavily focused on aggressive action and number focused goal achievement such as how much weight lifted, how many reps/sets, how much time spent, how many calories burned, how much fat slashed, how much more to go before you can call yourself fit. Do not misunderstand and think I'm saying that measurable goals don't matter. They too are important but not any more important than what you learn on your journey to your body destination.

The outdoor yoga practice featured in pics above was actually photographed in Denver the day after I performed at my first big burlesque festival. I was exhausted from weeks of practice and several nights of sleep deprivation but felt it was important to stretch before getting on a plane to avoid pain and extreme soreness.

Without a sense of adventure, without non critical thinking and without a journey focused mindset this amazingly healing yoga practice under these beautiful trees would not have happened. But because of these 3 amazing benefits I restored some energy, had a great time exploring and photographing in another city plus worked on my flexibility and minimized the damage from dancing in 6" platform heels for 6 weeks leading up to the show.

Remember that any time you focus movement that is mind body and soul focused the result will be better, faster, more enjoyable and will last a lifetime too!

Yoga practice details: walk 2 miles then flow from downdog to three legged dog (scorpion in downdog) to low lunge to eka pada 2 (flying splits) walk another mile then flow from bridge to wheel to single leg wheel walk another mile then finish up with garland pose and sundial pose.

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