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by Monica

Just in case you don't have time to read my < href="http://www.bestfemalefigure.com/vacationworkout.html" target=blank> 9 vacation workout tips article here is the quick version along with the 20 min. workout video you can do ANYWHERE; meaning you don't have to be on a fancy vacation or holiday to follow this routine or ALL the practical workout tips I shared in video and below.

This total body giant circuit workout with sandbell, hydro ball, Pilates band, x bands and gliding discs is so simple but is a great for blasting fat and calories, strengthening and toning from head to toe and boosting energy, metabolism, balance, coordination and getting or maintaining a sexy body. Simply perform 8-12 reps of each exercise listed below the video one time. Be sure to warmup for a few min. before and stretch a bit after.

Pilates band fly squat
sandbell swings
gliding disc sandbell oh press
hydro ball lateral lunge
hydro ball twisting lunge jump
x bands diagonal hip extension
x band jump squat
x band table top abduction
Pilates band seated rows + forward fold
x band supine abduction bridge
hydro ball x band get up squat thrust or jacks
x band lateral lunge balance
gliding disc plank abduction knee in
gliding disc updog downdog
gliding disc dive bomber hip extension
x band side lying abduction
x band bent over glute kickback
hydro ball single leg deadlift balance
travelling squat lateral leg raise
Pilates bend curl to oh press
Pilates band oh tricep extension
Pilates band boat pose row
Pilates band or x band downdog glute kickback
dance it out!

#1 tip for taking a break from your regular workout routine whether you are going on vacation or doing a staycation is: Train daily or almost daily. Never go more than 48 hours without exercise but be flexible with your time and with your gear as I explained in the video :) Just following this one tip guarantees that you'll continue to maintain or get a sexy body even when you are taking a break from your regular routine and focusing on quick workouts for a short time. Once your break is over though you need to get back to a structured plan that is right for your body!

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