2 best and most important exercises for your best figure

by monica

When you can progress to the most advanced versions of the 2 best exercises then you can get your fittest sexiest figure ever without having to lift super heavy weights in a gym, without having to over-train squats that bulk your thighs and without having to give up ALL your favorite foods.

The two best and most important exercises you can do for your best female figure are multi-directional lunges and tables. And if you told me that 2 exercises a day is all you had time for then these are the 2 moves I would have you do no matter what body type you had.

They are super effective plus there are countless ways to do them as I showed in the vlogtober 26 video below. **If you're in a hurry and just want to get to the exercises part just go ahead and forward 1 min. and 49 sec. into the video.

Pay close attention when I mention that these two exercises are key to progressing to even more complex movement that is going to help you continue to improve your body over time. Complex movement is the secret to getting AND maintaining your best body for life and it isn't something that most fitness plans teach you to do which is what sets ybff plans apart from all the other cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all plans out there.

Got questions about these moves or about any other vlogtober exercises? Ask me in the comments.

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