12 days of sexy body fitness vlogmas

by monica

Hey everybody, Hope your holidays are happy! I got 12 days of sexy body fitness vlogmass videos for you this month BUT this year I will be posting sneakpeek followed by narrated video every other day, instead of 12 days of workouts and tips videos back to back the days leading up to xmas like last year.

This way I won't go insane from filming with 2 new cameras and editing with newish computer/software before the end of the year AND you'll have holiday exercise motivation spread out more evenly throughout the month.

I really enjoy filming vlogmas and finally feeling more on track with my healthy eating and exercise since my mother passed away this Oct. 29th Here is the sneakpeek I uploaded late last night. Full narrated circuit that you'll be able to mute and follow along with if you have the 180 turnaround booty pdf will be up in a few hours.

Password remains the same through the end of this year. If you don't have it and need access be sure to sign up TODAY for ybff news. There's a sign up banner on every single page or you can go here to sign up. I'll be sending out newsletters about every 5 days this month that include pdfs and access to all kinds of workout videos. Every free pdf I've ever created will be given out this holiday season so be sure to SIGN UP if you want all these best female figure goodies.

Also here's the music from this video. I'm obsessed with Jessy Lanza's Pull My Hair back album right now. I used one of her tracks in the burlesque ball video and will be using clips of some of her other tracks in future videos.

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